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    Expérience JDR d'un collègue Belge (en anglais)


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    Expérience JDR d'un collègue Belge (en anglais)

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    Started RPG in +- 1994 ( univ): Warhammer V.1


    Warhammer version 1 and 2 (several years)

    Call of Cthulhu (from time to time)

    Rifts (short period)

    Cult (perhaps 1 year)

    Elric (Stormbringer) (several years)

    Pendragon (from time to time)

    D&D 3d and 4th edition (several years)

    Pathfinder 3.5 (1 year and ongoing)

    Dark Heresy ( +- 3 years).

    Favorite RPG: Warhammer V2 (simple, fast paced combat system, Dwarfs, well known world)

    Least favorite: Pendragon (too much bookkeeping, you die too easy, no Dwarfs)

    Why RPG?

    -Good excuse to see friends again.

    -Great atmosphere (beer, chips…)

    - Building/planning a character/career is fun (bit of mini-maxing combined with some fun background).

    - Strange and absurd situations that occur through interaction between characters are a lot of fun.

    - Dwarfs

    Some turn offs:

    - Too long monologues

    - Power-playing (especially if someone else does it)

    - When the party splits up and you have to wait a long time before you do things.

    - Elves

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